MS4C your partner for Seals, Vulcanization and Engineerings Plastics

MS4C’s product portfolio consists of high quality products and services such as:
– vulcanization of steel and cast iron
– rubber & engineering plastics
– molded products
– static & dynamic seals
– mechanical seals
– gaskets
Lobster (Gasket Insertion Tool)

MS4C delivers its products in ANY form and dimension requested for ANY application !


Thinking along with our (potential) customers, working on solutions for new, complex and/or acute situations and the rapid manufacturing and delivery of the desired (custom made) products.

MS4C delivers globally and also wants to provide the logistics for its customers. MS4C offers its customers storage space (warehousing) for client products too; these products can be called up at any time.

MS4C is in contact/does business with various players including the gas and oil industry,  dredging industry, maritime sector, (subsea) pipeline contractors, OEM market (including machine and cylinder build), infrastructure (rail & road), construction and operation/control technology.

The market is very positive about the delivery times and service provision by MS4C. The product prices are favourable in comparison to their competitors.


MS4C is specialized in vulcanization, seals, rubber- and plastic products.

The manufacturers are parties that have already been active for some time in their specialist area.

MS4C and its manufacturers rely on over 30 years of professional experience within a wide variety of industries and applications.

MS4C is a flexible organisation which guarantees:
- Rapid engineering
- Short lead times
- Short time-to-market
- Favourable pricing
- High quality
- Fast delivery times
- Just-in time deliveries
- Worldwide deliveries
- Good service
- Reliable storage of goods
- No minimum product purchase
- No minimum order value
- No costs per order line


MS4C seals, rubber- and plastic products are, in principle, supplied in ANY form and dimension requested for ANY application !

MS4C products are used in a variety of situations:
- from simple to complex systems
- from “friendly" to "extremely aggressive" environments
- from low to high temperature ranges
- from low to high pressure ranges
- from standard to "exotic" medium and contact surface

Lobster, The Solution

Lobster, the Enhanced Gasket Insertion Tool.

The Lobster gasket insertion tool handles nearly all ring joint types.

Just with a range of 6 Lobster tools the different gasket dimensions are covered.

Also other kind of gaskets can be installed by the Lobster e.g. spiral wound and camprofile gaskets for raised face flanges.

The Lobster will bring:
- Increased safety
- Repetitive usage
- Durability
- Multiple gasket diameters
- Various seal types
- Reduced handling time
- Insertion in all positions
- Reduced „logistics“
- Onshore, Offshore and Subsea
- Patented solution

Lobster garantees:
- Increased Safety
- Cost Reductions
- Positive Business Case

Lobster, Gasket Insertion Tool


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