MS4C specialises in customer specific products (specials). Of course the MS4C product portfolio also covers the standard seals, rubber- and plastic products which are offered on the market.

For the production of molded products MS4C has 18 compression presses at its disposal. The largest compression press has a size of 2.400 x 2.400 mm. Both small and very large products can be processed and vulcanized, for both small batches as serial work.
MS4C works with regular compounds (rubbers) and high-grade compounds such as Viton A, Viton B, Viton GF, Viton GFLT, FKM ED, FFKM and FVQM.

The standard diameters of the MS4C seals are in the range of 2 mm up to and including 2.500 mm. larger diameters (specials) can also be supplied in consultation.

MS4C supplies seals in every form for use in the following categories:

  • reciprocating radial shaft seals
  • reciprocating radial piston seals
  • rotating axle seals
  • rotating piston seals
  • static radial seals
  • static axial seals

Rubber and Plastic products
The MS4C rubber- and plastic products are, in principle, supplied in ANY form and measurement requested for ANY application !

Examples of this are:

  • plastic wearing parts
  • spacers
  • support blocks
  • guides
  • connectors
  • buffers
  • ram buffers
  • ship door seals
  • bridge seals


In addition to the delivery of (worldwide) high quality seals, rubber- and plastic products, MS4C also offers the following services:

– Consultancy & technical support at the design and installation phase, especially in terms of special utilisations.
– Consultancy and technical support in complex service- & maintenance issues.
– Storage (warehousing) of customer products; the customer can at any time call up the goods.
– Organisation of transport by road, water and air; globally.

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